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30 March 2009 @ 08:48 pm
I was so bored I did many quizzes at quizilla!! 8DDD
Ya, idk, I was really bored. Can you blame me??
Haha, I was doing a Portuguese one about how much you know about Umineko. I don't know squat about Portuguese, so I guessed all the answers. I got them all right, my score was 100%! .___. 

Which anime stereotype are you???
You are Child-Like
Child-like- you are ALL fun and games arn't you? STUDY!!! In life you can only rely on yourself and when you don't have anything to rely on because you were frittering around...hehheee...don't come crying to me! Otherwise you are probably the most sanist of your peers.

What Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni character are you?
You are Shion Sonozaki!
You can be kind, playful, and optimistic...but when your lover disapears... you go insane and kill everyone you think was involved and "avenge" him. Shion is a caring person, but when set off or put under a certain curse, she can be one of the most diabolical Higurashi no Naku Koro ni characters to date. Your actions could be considered evil or good by the beholder, no matter what you do, you intend to pay the price for your deeds with everything. You are a good person at heart, despite these bloodied sins.

Which Higurashi no Naku Character are you? (different from above)
You're Hojo Satoko!
Satoko is a funny little girl that is younger then Mion,Rena,and Keiichi.She likes pulling pranks on people,mostly Keiichi,and loves playing games.Though she seems happy,she's the defination of a broken heart.When she was young her mother remarried and then was killed.She lived with her uncle,aunt,and brother.Everyone in the village dispises the Hojo family for supporting the dam project.Later,her aunt is killed and her brother goes missing.She believes her brother's case is her fault,that she needed him too much and that he would come back if she grew stronger but if truth be told he's gone.He "transfered out".She's all alone with her uncle now and he abuses her badly.Her best friend is Rika,who is the same age as she is and all alone as well.Your a fragile soul caught in the hands of fate.A broken heart which the world forgot.

Which main Higurashi character are you?
You are Shion
You are girly and clever. You are sensitive about emotions of love, which could sometimes lead to reckless mistakes. When you're angry, you tend to act upon your thoughts without clearly thinking it through. Despite this, you're a well-liked person, and many people enjoy your company.

Which A-Laws member are you
You are Louise Halevy!
Cold and unsympathetic, you have little tolerance for those who disturb the peace. You are quick to anger and can often get over excited. You prefer to be alone with your thoughts rather than in the company of others.

Which Gundam 00 innovator are you?
You are Regene Regetta!
You are eccentric and very open minded. If you disagree with someone will you will let them know. You're not the most honest person and you mainly just want to achieve your own goals. You also tend to be a bit selfish.

Which Gundam Meister are you?
You are Hallelujah Haptism!
You are a very angry and careless individual, showing little regard for how your actions may effect people. You live to fight and enjoy making your enemies suffer. Despite this you turn out to be very helpful, quickly overpowering others with your innovative techniques. You also hate being bored.

If you were an anime girl, what would you look like
You'd Be A Soft Beauty
Soft Beauty: Your the lovely young girl that everyone loves within the story. You don't have to be just a sub character, alot of the time you are featured as the main girl because your just so sweet and nice. Everyone loves you because your so soft and nice to everyone else.
Clothes: A nice shirt, tee probubly and a long flowing skirt.
Eyes: Brown or dull honey.
Ambition: To help as many people as you can, you don't want to be in the way though so your more likely to leave cookies on their dorrstep or something like that.

What kind of emotion do you have?
You are very shy and don't like to be noticed or draw attention to yourself. You cant stand being in the spotlight and if that ever did happen you would most likely break down. But if you did manige to escape you would probably be found in a deep, dark corner, waiting for everything to tone down so that you know it's safe to come out again

Are you shy?
You are very shy!
Your like me. I hate meeting new people, and you might too. You, just like me, get nervous from fear of rejection and tend to be shy at meeting new people. Just like my friends tell me, if they don't like someone as sweet as you, who cares, that’s their problem. When it comes to class projects, just speak louder and louder by little and that will get you more confident. When it comes to your crush, try not to run off so much. I do that alot to. They might think your uninterested, so just talk to them more and more, and something might happen! So just be more confident.

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